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Cat sitting on bird house

Bird Caught by Pet

A pet may have caught a bird or perhaps found the already injured bird on the ground. Either way, the bird will need medical attention and care to recover. Dog mouths can apply significant pressure to a bird's body and cat saliva carries a bacteria that is deadly for birds within 24-48 hours, so getting a pet-caught bird to a rehabilitator quickly gives the bird a better chance of recovery. 

Even though a pet-caught bird may not have obvious injuries, wounds from a cat's teeth can be very hard to see and trauma and internal damage is not always obvious.

If you find a pet-caught bird, please text us at 678-386-9116 with a photo and some information about the situation so we may begin the intake process to get the bird the necessary medical care. 

Did You Know?

Outdoor cats are a leading cause of songbird injury and death in the United States. Domestic cats are not native to the U.S. and as they prey on songbirds, they impact their populations. There are many ways to help enrich your cat's life while keeping it safe from coyotes and dangerous roadways, and keeping cats from roaming helps protect our beautiful songbirds.


Outdoor cats kill millions of birds each year in the United States.


Fledgling birds are at particularly high risk of being cat-caught because they spend a few days on the ground after leaving their nests. During this period, they are learning to fly and the parents are still helping them find food, but they are essentially defenseless. Cat saliva carries a dangerous bacteria called Pasteurella multocida. This bacteria can kill a songbird in 24-48 hours. Please consider methods to provide enrichment for cats while helping to protect our songbirds. Catios can vary in size and price and provide safe options for enriching a cat's life while still keeping the cat safe.

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