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How You Can Help

Native Plants
Native Plants help to support many types of wildlife, including birds. Many birds eat insects and native plants attract native insects. The insects help with pollination, and the birds help with insect control and enjoy these high protein food sources. Some birds also eat the fruits from native plants, and in the colder months, when insects are harder to find, fruiting native plants can provide a much-needed food source. To learn more about plants native to Georgia, please visit the Georgia Native Plant Society
Outdoor Cats
Cats are not native to North America and as predators, they pose a major risk to our birds. Cat-caught birds make up the majority of songbird deaths and injuries, and cat saliva can transmit a deadly bacteria that will kill a bird within 48-72 hours. Keeping cats indoors or creating safe outdoors spaces such as catios can protect the wild birds and also protect the cat from coyotes, automobiles, and exposure to parasites they can transmit to their owners. 
Bird-Friendly Homes
Man-made structures pose risks to wild birds year-round, but especially during spring and fall migration seasons when there are nights that millions of birds are flying through the metro-Atlanta skies in route to their destinations. Research ways to make your home more bird-friendly, such as window film or appliques and appropriate lighting.
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