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Officers and Board of Directors

photo of Board Chair

Board President/Co-Founder

Rhonda Watson

Rhonda is an advocate for all animals. She has owned cats, dogs, ferrets, rodents (rats, mice, guinea pigs), fish, amphibians, and reptiles including snakes for much of her life.  Along with her family, she volunteers at a horse rescue and serves as volunteer lead for other nonprofits and activist organizations.  Rhonda helps organizations achieve their mission and revenue goals by fundraising (with outcomes over half a million dollars), mobilizing upwards of 100 volunteers, and coordinating fundraising and educational events.  She has over 15 years of practical business experience and proven successes, with strong leadership, communication, program and process management skills, and the ability to collaborate with colleagues to move projects to a successful close. 

photo of Secretary


Micki Soresi

Micki is a creative artist/potter, with a deep empathy for all animals. Her educational background includes a degree in early childhood education and she has been a generous volunteer in her community through the years. Micki has dedicated countless hours to children's groups, Girl Scouts, animal rescue efforts (wild and domestic), as well as aiding wildlife rehabbers. 


As co-founder of Georgia Wildlife Network (one of our partners), Micki volunteered full-time on their wildlife hotline for two years, all while interning at Blue Ridge Raptors educational programs. Through these experiences, she has not only acquired extensive knowledge but has also cultivated a profound respect for all wildlife species. Micki's enduring passion revolves around birds of prey, and she is currently in the process of securing state and federal special permits to exhibit these majestic creatures in gloved educational shows. Her ultimate mission is to educate the public on how they can actively participate in the protection and stewardship of all wildlife. 

photo of Executive Director

Executive Director/Treasurer

Licensed Rehabilitator/Co-Founder

Errolyn Martin

Errolyn incorporated our organization in early 2023. She earned her Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit after training of over 500 hours in 2 years. She is a US Air Force veteran and worked for over 25 years in customer service management in the veterinary industry. 

Errolyn is passionate about songbird rehabilitation and animal welfare. Her charges outside of wild bird rehab include several wayward pigeons, a flock of backyard chickens, and an 1,800 gallon Koi pond. She also enjoys gardening, watercolor painting, and playing guitar. 

Errolyn also serves as a volunteer with Georgia Wildlife Network (one of our partners), transporting animals in need to designated rehabilitators. Her aspirations for Wildlife Center of North Georgia include adding rehabilitation services for other species as organizational growth allows. 

photo of Board Member

Board Member

Josh Barnes

Josh is young but passionate about all our native wildlife, especially birds of prey. He grew up with a fascination of anything with feathers and talons.

Josh earned his falconry license in 2019 and enjoys the experience and lessons these birds give him and enjoys sharing these lessons with others.


He also has the honor of volunteering with Georgia Wildlife Network (one of our partners) finding, containing and transporting injured and orphaned animals. One of the most overwhelming lessons that he has learned is that there are not enough people to advocate and care for birds of prey. 

photo of Board Member

Board Member

Becky Klein

Becky has always been an animal lover and has volunteered with animal organizations for most of her life. She began by volunteering with an animal shelter in Texas, eventually becoming the shelter volunteer coordinator. After moving to Georgia she continued volunteering with rescues and has fostered many dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.


Several years ago Becky began volunteering with wildlife organizations.  She works on the wildlife hotline with Georgia Wildlife Network (one of our partners) and also transports injured and orphaned wildlife to rehabbers, volunteers at a small mammal rescue, and has volunteered in songbird rescue. 

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