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Carolina Wren stuck on glue trap

Bird Stuck on Glue Trap

This is an emergency situation. Please DO NOT PULL THE BIRD OFF THE TRAP. Pulling the bird can cause severe damage. Please follow these steps:

1. Place cereal, corn meal, paper towels, or newspaper over any exposed glue so the bird does not become further attached. Try to limit noise and activity to reduce stress for the bird.

2. Place the bird and the trap into a ventilated container or cardboard box and place the box in a dark, quiet location to reduce stress.

3. Text us immediately at 678-386-9116 for further instructions. The bird will need to receive care as soon as possible.

If transport to a veterinary office or licensed rehabilitator isn't possible, please visit this link for at-home instructions:


How to Help Animals Stuck on Glue Traps

Glue Traps and Wildlife

Glue traps pose a risk to many types of wildlife, from the rodents they are intended to trap to species like chipmunks, snakes, and even birds. Some bird species such as Carolina Wrens like to find small spaces, crevices, and holes to investigate when looking for safe nesting sites. They may enter open garage areas looking for just the right spot to build a nest and raise their young.  They easily fall victim to glue traps not intended for them. Removing glue-trapped birds requires patience, and is very stressful for the victim of the glue trap, and many do not survive the experience. 

Please consider using alternative methods to help control unwanted wildlife in your yard and home. 

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