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Graphic on re-nesting Chimney Swifts

Bird Fell from Chimney

Chimney Swifts are a unique bird species and their numbers are declining. They eat insects as they fly so they serve a very valuable function in our environment by helping to naturally control insect populations.

Colonies roost in chimneys and build their nests to raise their young. Once in a while babies will fall from a nest and land inside a home. If you have found chimney swifts near your fireplace, please follow these steps:

1. Check them for any obvious injuries. If none are visible, the best option to to attempt to re-nest the babies so their parents can continue to care for them.

2. Use this graphic to the left to apply the best method for your situation.  Use a basket made of natural material - something with rough sides so the babies have something to hang from. 

          A. Place babies in basket and place the basket on the shelf just inside the                         chimney.

          B. Attach the basket to a pole and wedge the pole into the chimney.

          C. Use a secure rope tied to the basket to lower the basket down into the                        chimney about half-way and secure the other end of the rope.


As primarily insect-eaters, these babies have a much better chance if they are raised by their parents. If further assistance is needed please text us at 678-386-9116. 

The Chimney Swift and Georgia Audubon

Georgia Audubon has identified Chimney Swifts as a Species of Concern. The populations of Chimney Swifts are declining due to habitat loss and Georgia Audubon is working to help this unique migratory species. To find out more about these amazing birds, enjoy this short video from Georgia Audubon Making Atlanta a Bird Friendly City

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